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Nov. 11-12

Vanke Design Commune, Shenzhen

As one of the classic segments of the Maker Faire Shenzhen, the‘Maker Forum’ will kick off on November 11-12 at Lecture Hall, Area B, Vanke Design Commune.

The Maker Movement, which emerged in the early 21st century, has had a profound impact on individuals by promoting concepts such as innovation, autonomy, sharing, and collaboration. The widespread adoption of digital manufacturing, open-source hardware and software, and other tools has dismantled traditional barriers to innovation, enabling greater participation in the realms of creation and invention. This movement has gained global popularity, with some individuals abandoning the pursuit of innovation while others persist on the path of embracing it.

Under the theme “Where Are The Makers” this year’s forum at Maker Faire Shenzhen aims to explore the diverse development trends of the maker movement, sharing the future direction of makers and the potential for valuerealization. Furthermore, we also seek to highlight the innovators who continue to drive advancements in various industries. We aim to explore specific scenarios where the innovations have been implemented, examine how the makers navigate the challenges with emerging technologies, and showcase their efforts and stories in promoting digital transformation.

At this year’s Maker Forum, we have scheduled four sections over two days: ‘Through The Cycles,’ ‘Tech for Good,’ ‘Cyber Farms,’ and ‘Things w/ AI.’ For each of these sections, we have a strong lineup of renowned speakers who will share their insights and engage in discussions on these topics. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to explore the world of innovation with us! (Registration details are available at the end of the post!)

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Through the Cycles
Nov. 11 Sat. 9:00-12:00

In this session, we cordially invite partners who contribute to the advancement and development of the global maker movement to engage in comprehensive discussions centered around innovation, co-creation, and openness. Through the lenses of “open-source hardware, open community, innovation lab, digital fabrication, innovation incubator, and digital country,” our esteemed speakers will share their invaluable insights on the developmental trends within the maker movement, as well as explore the vast potential and opportunities for future pathways and value realization.

Detailed Agenda
09:00-09:20开场演讲 Opening Speech演讲:创客今何在?
Speech: Where Are The Makers?

潘昊 – 柴火创客空间创始人, Maker Faire Shenzhen发起人
Eric Pan –  Founder of Chaihuo Maker Space, Producer of Maker Faire Shenzhen 
09:20-10:20主题演讲与讨论 Keynote Speeches & Discussion对谈 Dialogue:开源,创客与产业创新
Dialogue on Open Source, Makers, and Industry Innovation 

潘昊 – 深圳矽递科技有限公司创始人、总经理
Eric Pan –  Founder & CEO at Seeed Technology Co., Ltd.
Eben Upton – 树莓派基金会联合创始人、树莓派有限公司CEO Co-Founder at Raspberry Pi Foundation & CEO at Raspberry Pi Ltd. 
10:20-10:38演讲:“制造创客”:浅谈新一轮创客运动中的社区赋能力 Speech: Making Makers  — The Importance of Community in the Next Generation of the Maker Movement

David James Groom – Make Community有限责任公司社区编辑 Community Editor at Make Community, LLC
The Maker Movement: A Resurgence in the Making?

Duleesha Kulasooriya – 德勤Center for the Edge亚太地区创新领袖兼董事总经理
Asia Pacific Innovation Leader and Managing Director at Deloitte Center for the Edge
Speech: 3D Printing: Fabricating Ideas to Reality

陶冶 – 深圳拓竹科技有限公司创始人
Ye Tao – Founder at Bambu Lab
Speech: Unveiling the Globalization Journey of Chinese Innovative Product Makers from the Perspective of Kickstarter

彭奕亨 – Kickstarter官方中国区首席战略代表
Henri PANG – Greater China Region Strategic Representative at Kickstarter P.B.C. 
11:32-11:50演讲:数字王国:为下一代经济发展培育创新生态演讲 Speech: Digital Kingdom: Fostering an Innovation Ecosystem for the Next Generation Economy

Chirag Sharma – 不丹国有商业控股公司高级分析师
Chirag Sharma – Senior Analyst at Druk Holding & Investments

Eric Pan: Eric Pan is the Founder and CEO of “Seeed Studio” and “Chaihuo x.factory”, as well as the Producer of “Maker Faire Shenzhen”. He believes in the potential of open-source technology and social innovations in achieving the UN’s SDGs. Moreover, he is one of the recognized leading figures of the Maker Movement and Maker Culture in China. In the era towards the UN’s 2030 Agenda, he is keen on cooperating with multi-stakeholders and technological partners to provide open source solutions for a variety of SDGs-related projects, through which ground-breaking solutions can be co-created and scaled up at the global level so as to contribute to a sustainable future. In 2013, he was selected by Forbes Magazine as “China’s 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30” and appeared on the cover of Forbes China. Likewise, he was listed as the “2017 China 100 List of Business Creative People”.

Eben Upton: Eben Upton is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. As the CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd, the foundation’s commercial arm, he has led the development of the Raspberry Pi, a series of affordable and accessible single-board computers. His pioneering work with the Raspberry Pi Foundation has had a profound impact on computer science education and has empowered developers worldwide to drive digital innovation across various industries. Eben Upton’s contributions continue to shape the landscape of technology and inspire the next generation of innovators. Eben’s prior achievements include founding successful mobile games and middleware companies. With a BA, PhD, and MBA from the University of Cambridge, he also served as the Director of Studies for Computer Science at St John’s College, Cambridge.

David James Groom: David bought his first Arduino in 2007 as part of a Roomba hacking project. Since then, he has been obsessed with writing code that you can touch. David fell in love with the original Pebble smartwatch, and even more so with its successor, which allowed him to combine the beloved wearable with his passion for hardware hacking via its smartstrap functionality. Unable to part with his smartwatch sweetheart, David wrote a love letter to the Pebble community, which blossomed into Rebble, the service that keeps Pebbles ticking today, despite the company’s demise in 2016. When he’s not hacking on wearables, David can probably be found building a companion bot, experimenting with machine learning, growing his ever-increasing collection of dev boards, or hacking on DOS-based palmtops from the 90s.

Duleesha Kulasooriya: Study the changing world. Get inspired. Talk to people. Build things. Contemplate navel. Create compelling models for a new world and understand why they matter. Connect across bridges to create uncommon partnerships. Duleesha Kulasooriya is the Innovation Leader for Deloitte Asia Pacific, and the Managing Director for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge – part of a global management research institute exploring the edges of business and technology. Duleesha brings over 25 years of global experience helping clients navigate disruption and drive innovation and transformation. He has researched, written and spoken extensively about emerging business landscapes, the future of work, the sustainability transformation and about relevance of ‘edges’ such as the Maker Movement, Burning Man, Lovable Cities, the metaverse, and being human in a digital age. Duleesha has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, a BS in Engineering and a BA in Economics from Swarthmore College.

Ye Tao: Ye Tao graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Astronomy and Applied Physics at the University of Science and Technology of China. In 2012, he obtained his Ph.D. from Jacobs University in Germany. He currently serves as the CEO of Shenzhen Tuozhu Technology.Upon completing his doctoral studies in 2012, Tao Ye returned to China and joined DJI Innovations. Starting as an engineer, he held various positions, including Manager of the Power Systems Department, Product Manager for Mavic Pro, and Head of the DJI Consumer Drones Business Unit. At his peak, he oversaw over 60% of DJI’s revenue. He personally experienced how a small Shenzhen factory survived in challenging circumstances and gradually emerged as a global competitor. During this journey, he recruited and nurtured an entire generation of post-90s graduates.In 2020, Tao Ye joined IDG Capital, where he observed the growth of many Chinese startups from an investor’s perspective. Later, he co-founded Shenzhen Tuozhu Technology with former comrades who had once fought alongside him. This move brought him back to the forefront of technological industry advancement, focusing on the popularization of 3D printing.

Henri PANG: Henri completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with a primary focus on product design, industrial design, human-computer interaction design, global market promotion, and brand planning. In 2015, they founded Walnut Technology Co., Ltd. On October 24, 2018, as a representative of young entrepreneurs and innovators in the Qianhai-Hong Kong-Macao area, they had the honor of a cordial meeting with General Secretary Xi Jinping. In 2019, their achievements were recognized as one of TIME magazine’s ‘TIME 100 Best Inventions’ globally. In February 2021, they were officially designated as a ‘B-Class’ high-level overseas talent (Peacock Plan) by the Shenzhen city government. In June 2021, they took on the additional role of the first official Greater China region strategic representative and senior advisor for Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform.

Chirag Sharma: Chirag works as a senior analyst with Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) Limited, the commercial arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan, was established in 2007 upon issuance of Royal Charter in 2007 “to hold and manage the existing and future investments of the Royal Government for the long term benefit of the people of Bhutan”. At DHI, Chirag works with the Department of Innovation and Technology (InnoTech Department). The InnoTech Department is responsible for strategizing technology and innovation pathways to enhance access and diffusion of the next generation technologies across DHI and the Group. More significantly, to address the national socio-economic challenges, he is undertaking applied and fundamental research and development in the field of science and technology to create ventures and start-ups, build national intellectual property and establish a platform for innovation, creativity, and jobs for the next generation. He has been instrumental in the setup, establishment and managing of the Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck Super Fablab (The third super fab lab in the world) and DHI Research and Innovation Venture Excellence (DRIVE) Center.

Tech for Good
Nov. 11 Sat. 14:00-18:00

In this session, we will shine a spotlight on the dynamic individuals leading sustainable innovations across diverse fields and industries. This esteemed group comprises experts, technology pioneers, business executives, and entrepreneurs. Our objective is to collectively delve into the transformative power of makers as they drive the sustainable development of multiple industries within the realm of industrial digitization. By listening to their inspiring stories of innovation, we will examine the seamless integration of technological advancements in various sectors and explore how it propel industrial upgrades across multiple domains.

张耕 – Startup Grind深圳主理人
Grace Zhang – Startup Grind Shenzhen Director
14:05-14:23主题演讲与讨论 Keynote Speeches & Discussion演讲 Speech:创新空间——城市开发项目对科技创新的思考与应用 Innovative Space: Implementing Technological Innovations in Urban Development Projects

钱源 – 万科集团城市研究院院长
Alex Qian – Director of Vanke Urban Research of China Vanke Co., Ltd.
14:23-15:53智慧城市圆桌讨论 Panel Discussion on Smart City 此圆桌将深入探讨个体如何作为“智慧公民”推动技术创新,运用科技于社区和邻里生活,从而打造智慧城市。我们将重点关注ASEAN地区的政府、产业、教育和私营部门采取的各种方式,培养“智慧公民”,使其成为智慧城市的延伸和具体体现,最终建设更加智慧、更具韧性的的城市。 This panel will explore how individuals are driving technological innovation as ‘Smart Citizens,’ utilising technology to make cities ‘smart.’ It will highlight various approaches being implemented in the ASEAN region across government, industry, education and the private sector that are contributing to developing ‘smart citizens’ as an extension and embodiment of the Smart City, to ultimately build smarter and more resilient cities.

Kate Armstrong – Fab City基金会董事会战略总监
Strategic Director at Fab City Foundation
廖丽婷 – 南荔科创教育创始人、深圳国际预科学院PBL创新教育中心课程主任
Lit Liao –  Founder of Litchee Lab, Curriculum Director of PBL Innovation Edu Center, SIFC
Chirag Sharma – 不丹国有商业控股公司高级分析师
Senior Analyst at Druk Holding & Investments
曾征 – Hackster大赛项目负责人
Jinger Zeng – Contest Manager at, an Avnet community
15:53-16:11演讲 Speech:数字时代的策源之地 The Wellspring of Decisions in the Digital Era

周阳 – ABeam德硕管理咨询中国新创部门负责人
Jessica Zhou – Head of Innovation Startup Department at ABeam Consulting China
16:11-16:29演讲 Speech:水上飘浮式太阳能制氢:一场白日幻想? Floating Solar Hydrogen, a Hot Air Fantasy

Cesar Jung-Harada – 新加坡理工大学副教授
Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology
16:29-16:47演讲 Speech:科技赋能气候行动 – 释放基于自然的解决方案的巨大潜力 Leveraging Technology for Effective Climate Action – Unleashing the Power of Nature-based Solutions

梁沛健 – 香港大自然保护协会 (TNC) 气候变化研究员
Felix Leung – Climate Change Fellow for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Hong Kong
16:47-17:05演讲 Speech:未来食物生产者:连接创客、食物与使命 Future Food Maker: Bridging Makers, Meals, and Missions

Andrea Magelli – Future Food  Institute 未来食物机构联合创始人
Co-Founder at Future Food Institute 
17:05-17:23演讲 Speech:数字农业的实践与展望 Digital Transformation in Agriculture: Practices and Prospects

欧阳靖 – 深蓝农业产业数据工程技术(深圳)有限公司董事长
Jing Ouyang – Chairman at Shenzhen Deep Blue Data Digital Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.
17:23-17:41演讲 Speech:从创客到产业-以社区为桥梁探讨Maker可持续增长的多元路径与案例 From Maker to Industry: Sharing The Diverse Paths and Case Studies for Makers’ Sustainable Growth

曾征 – Hackster大赛项目负责人
Jinger Zeng – Contest Manager at, an Avnet community

Alex Qian: Alex Qian is the director of the Vanke Urban Research of China Vanke Co., Ltd. and MSc Urbanism of Delft University of Technology. He participated in and has been responsible for the execution of many high-profile public projects such as the Vanke Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015, etc. He also manages the Vanke Cloud Town and Vanke Cloud Design Community. He has led urban regeneration projects as well as the conservation and rehabilitation of urban heritage such as Nantou Ancient Town in Shenzhen, Yantai Mountain in Fuzhou and Mengzhui Bay in Chengdu. While deeply involved in urban development and construction, he is committed to promoting the integration of innovative strategies and technologies such as green and low-carbon development, environmental protection, and new materials into urban space, facilitating a better life in the future.

Kate Armstrong: Master of Arts and Society (University Utrecht) and Bachelor of Design (UNSW), Kate has vast experience in cultural programming, design and open tech fields in Australia and Europe. She has led communication and dissemination for various European research projects concerned with circular economy, open design innovation ecosystems and future cultural heritage. Kate is Executive Director of Interspecies Internet and sits on the Executive Board of the Fab City Foundation serving as Strategy Director. She is Faculty of the Master in Design for Emergent Futures at IAAC/ELISAVA and Master in Design for Distributed Innovation at IAAC and an advisor to the Distributed Design Platform, co-funded by the European Union.

Lit Liao: Lit is an experienced curriculum developer with over 12 years of experience at the intersection of engineering, management, design, and education. She has played a pivotal role in projects across 20+ public and international schools. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in multiple awards received at city, province, and national levels in curriculum design competitions as well as academic publications. Actively engaged in knowledge exchange, Lit has been invited by international government institutions in the UK, U.S., Singapore, etc. as a core representative of Shenzhen’s STEAM education community. Her research interests include project-based learning and interdisciplinary curriculum design.

Chirag Sharma: Chirag works as a senior analyst with Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) Limited, the commercial arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan, which was established in 2007 upon issuance of Royal Charter in 2007 “to hold and manage the existing and future investments of the Royal Government for the long term benefit of the people of Bhutan”. At DHI, Chirag works with the Department of Innovation and Technology (InnoTech Department). The InnoTech Department is responsible for strategizing technology and innovation pathways to enhance access and diffusion of the next-generation technologies across DHI and the Group. More significantly, to address the national socio-economic challenges, he is undertaking applied and fundamental research and development in the field of science and technology to create ventures and start-ups, build national intellectual property and establish a platform for innovation, creativity, and jobs for the next generation. He has been instrumental in the setup, establishment and managing of the Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck Super Fablab (Third super fablab in the world) and DHI Research and Innovation Venture Excellence (DRIVE) Center.

Jinger Zeng: Jinger Zeng serves as a bridge between culture and technology, wearing multiple hats as a traveler, open-source technology advocate, and the current contest manager for, a global platform for engineers and innovators. With a rich background that includes hardware entrepreneurship and collaborations with manufacturers, designers, startups, academic institutions, and global developers, Jinger champions distributed innovation for lasting social change. She orchestrates a variety of cross-regional events, from meetups and contests to hackathons and summits, all in the spirit of promoting open knowledge sharing within innovative ecosystems. Often, you’ll find her curating events or spearheading training programs to nurture the next generation of talents.

Jessica Zhou: Jessica Zhou has previously held positions in well-known companies in the semiconductor and IoT industries. As a long-time technology enthusiast, she currently serves as the Head of the Innovation Startup Department at ABeam Consulting China. In this role, she focuses on researching innovative technology trends in China and is responsible for building ABeam China’s startup ecosystem. Jessica has also led multiple innovation support strategic consulting projects, with clients spanning Japanese automotive companies, pharmaceutical firms, and the retail industry.

Cesar Jung-Harada: Cesar Jung-Harada is a French-Japanese designer, environmentalist, educator, and entrepreneur, passionate about ocean technology, impact innovation, and education based in Singapore. Cesar is an Associate Professor of Design at the Singapore Institute of Technology. Cesar is currently a candidate Ph.D. in Design and Ocean Innovation at the CNAM (France), Former Director of MakerBay LTD (Hong Kong Makerspace), Scoutbots LTD (Ocean Robotic Startup). Cesar serves as a Trustee of the board of HBKU (Qatar), the Wyng Foundation (Hong Kong), and regularly delivers workshops and keynotes at international conferences in places such as the UN, Harvard or TED. See his projects.

Felix Leung: Felix Leung, PhD, is the Climate Change Fellow for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Hong Kong. He is responsible for assessing nature-based solutions for climate mitigation potential in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, developing strategic partnerships with academic partners and industries to achieve conservation goals. Felix has over ten years of research and professional experience specializing in climate change science, agriculture, marine ecology, and environmental management. Prior to joining TNC, he completed his Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research focused on the impact of urbanization and policy on the environment and biodiversity of the Greater Bay Area. Felix holds a PhD degree in Physical Geography from the University of Exeter and the Met Office (UK) and a master’s degree in Conservation and Forest Protection from Imperial College London (UK).

Andrea Magelli: Andrea’s journey has spanned across diverse terrains from digital, marketing to food sectors, seeding innovation and growth. With every venture, from the inception of Lifeinaclick and leading projects like Torino 2006 Olympic to empowering the visual narrative of global events, his focus has always been centered on pushing boundaries and weaving creativity with practical insights.In the vibrant world of food, he has tasted the flavors of entrepreneurship and innovation as the founder of Sosushi and Well Done Burger. Yet, his most cherished venture remains the Future Food Institute. Celebrating a decade of evolution, it is where ideas meet impact, fostering living labs in Tokyo, Bologna, and Pollica, and unfolding a narrative of sustainable and technological innovation in the food sector.

Xiaoqing Wang: Chairman of Shuimu Digital Agriculture Technology Group Member of the Rural and Agricultural Committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association (民革), Director of the Entrepreneur Association of China National Democratic Construction Association, Vice Chairman of the National Agriculture and Rural Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Technology Alliance, and Chairman of the Zhongguancun New Urbanization Industry Alliance. Currently serving as Chairman of Shuimu Jiutian Technology, an investment by Tsinghua University, Wang Xiaoqing is primarily involved in providing comprehensive solutions for urban fresh produce, offering year-round production of non-perishable vegetables that meet EU standards at affordable prices. He is one of the pioneering figures in China’s carbon-neutral agriculture measurement and methodology for factory farming.

Cyber Farms
Nov.12 Sun. 9:00-12:00

In the midst of rural landscapes, digital technology is playing a pivotal role in fostering the development and revitalization of rural areas, infusing them with vitality and optimism. This session provides a valuable platform for experts from various sectors such as businesses, government, and technology to share valuable insights and exemplary practices. Together, we will explore the significant contributions of digital technology in agricultural and rural development, its capacity for innovation, and its unwavering commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Attendees of this session will gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state and emerging trends in digital rural development. Moreover, they will gain insights from practical applications of digital technology in this context, while actively engaging in meaningful dialogue and collaboration to foster sustainable rural development.

09:00-09:05主持人开场  Opening by The Host范绪方 – 深圳市数字农业促进会秘书长
Xufang Fan – Secretary-General of Shenzhen Digital Agriculture Association
09:05-09:10主办方致辞  Opening by The Organizer 蒋宇 – 深圳矽递科技股份有限公司副总经理
Joey Jiang – Vice President at Seeed Technology Co., Ltd.
09:10-09:15特邀嘉宾致辞 Opening by Special Guest邓烈 – 深圳市数字农业促进会会长
Lie Deng – President of Shenzhen Digital Agriculture Association
09:15-09:30主题演讲 Keynote Speeches演讲:现代农机自动驾驶系统
Speech: Automated Driving Systems for Modern Agricultural Machinery

李翠霞 – 深圳市现代农业装备研究院智能装备研发负责人
Cuixia Li – Head of Intelligent Equipment R&D at Shenzhen Institute of Modern Agricultural Equipment 
演讲:物联网、大数据、AI在智慧农业的应用与突破 Speech: Application and Breakthroughs of IoT, Big Data and AI in Smart Agriculture  AloT, the Enabler of Healthy Farming Digitalization

李宇炫 – 深圳市五谷网络科技有限公司首席技术官
Yuxuan Li – CTO at Shenzhen Wugu Network Technology Co., Ltd.
演讲:AloT — 健康农业数字化的助推者
Speech: AloT, the Enabler of Healthy Farming Digitalization

Niraj Prajapati – 北京挺好农牧科技有限公司首席运营官
Niraj Prajapati – CEO at Kinghoo AgroTech 
Speech: AI Is Transforming Fruit Sorting

陈洁茹 – 深圳市道创智能创新科技有限公司联合创始人
Jieru Chen – Co-founder at Shenzhen Deltron Intelligent Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
演讲: 创新发展太保农险助力乡村振兴
Speech: Agricultural Insurance for Rural Revitalisation

陶珍珍 – 中国太平洋保险深圳分公司三农经营管理中心负责人 Zhenzhen Tao – Head of Three Rural Issues Business Management Center at China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Branch
Speech: How Refined Weather Services Can Serve Modern Agriculture

彭达欧 – 华风象辑(北京)气象科技有限公司副总经理
Daou Peng – Vice General Manager at Beijing MLog Meteorological Technology Co., Ltd.
Speech: Research and Application of Soilless Cultivation and Digital Technology for Blueberries

杨富云 – 成都逸田生态农业科技有限公司创始人
Fuyun Yang – Founder at Etfield (Chengdu) Agri-Eco Tech Co., Ltd 
Speech: SenseCAP New Product Launch

杨波 – 深圳矽递科技股份有限公司产品总监
Kevin Yang – Product Director at Seeed Technology Co., Ltd.
11:15-11:30新农人授牌仪式 Award Ceremony 叶雨 – 深圳柴火创客服务有限公司总经理
Rain Ye – General Manager at Shenzhen Chaihuo Maker Services Co., Ltd

Things w/ AI
Nov. 12 Sun. 14:00-18:00

With its rapid development, AIGC is seamlessly integrating with diverse industries and emerging as a significant catalyst for industrial advancement. Now, it has the capability to operate on intelligent edge devices and hardware. In order to foster stronger connections between investors and entrepreneurs in the AI and hardware domain, we are collaborating with IECG SynergyHub to present a session that explores the myriad possibilities within the realm of Things with AI. This session will bring together industry clusters, experts from scientific research institutions, and investment firms to delve into the application and future prospects of AI technology in the hardware sector. Our aim is to identify and support exceptional innovative startups and teams, thereby contributing to the development of Shenzhen’s urban industry clusters.

14:00-14:05主题演讲与项目路演 Speeches & Pitches主持人开场 Opening by The Host
Speech: Open Innovation Ecosystem

许宁 – 创赛创新中心 创始人兼总经理 
Eric Hui – Founder & CEO at IECG 
Speech: Obversion of startup opportunities at GenAl

彭程 – 亚马逊云科技初创生态战略顾问
Kery Peng – Amazon Web Services Startup Team
14:25-14:35演讲: ChatGPT-人工智能领域的“iPhone时刻”
Speech: ChatGPT- The “iPhone Moment” in the Realm of AI

张威 – 深圳矽递科技股份有限公司 CSO
Richard Zhang – CSO at Seeed Technology Co., Ltd.
14:35-18:0012组AI+硬件企业项目主题分享与路演 12 AI + Hardware Projects Sharing & Pitch

Eric Hui: Head of the IECG & Nvidia Inception Joint Incubation Center; Executive President of the Longgang District Science and Technology Service Promotion Association in Shenzhen; Vice President of the Longhua Innovation and Ecological Services Association in Shenzhen; Expert Evaluator for Shenzhen’s Startup Incubation Base Accreditation; Entrepreneurial Mentor in Guangdong Province (Guangdong Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator Association), Shenzhen City (Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau), and Shenzhen University Longgang Innovation Research Institute.Previous roles include Member of the Preparatory Team for the National Technology Transfer South Center; Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Service Industry Association; and Head of the Hong Kong Youth (Futian) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base.

Kery Peng: Strategic Advisor for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startup Ecosystem, Tech Blogger on Zhihu, Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee. Previously served as VP at YingNuo Angel, Senior Product Manager at Tencent, and Director of Mobile Operations at Tuba Rabbit.During their time at internet companies, they led the development of three products from inception to success, accumulating experience in the design and commercialization of internet products with over a billion users. During their venture capital (VC) career, they participated in investments in more than 30 entrepreneurial projects.

Richard Zhang:Richard is the Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) at Seeed Studio, with a strong background in technology and extensive experience in the internet industry. Having worked for 6 years in Tencent’s Strategic Analysis and Community Platform divisions, and with 9 years of entrepreneurial experience, he possesses profound knowledge in areas such as internet product planning, community management, and marketing. He has led projects involving QQ Member Platform product development and communities with millions of female users, and has conducted in-depth research in the field of internet applications. In his current role as CSO at Seeed Studio, Richard leads a team in executing technology-empowered community strategies. He exhibits remarkable management skills and strategic vision. He leverages insights from his research in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in technology industry development and strategic execution conducted at AIGC. These insights are applied to Seeed Studio’s strategic decision-making, providing the company with enhanced possibilities for innovation and growth. His clear understanding of cutting-edge AI applications and their potential business value serves as the foundation for strategic planning and execution, creating additional growth opportunities for Seeed Studio.

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Be an Ecovisitor!

The event venue offers a limited number of parking lots, and we encourage you to visit us with eco-friendly transportation options! The nearby subway stations and bus stations are listed as follows:

Metro: Exit A, Liuxiandong Metro Station(Line5)

Bus: Zhongxing Talent Apartment East Bus Station

Vanke Cloud City Bus Terminal



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