Meet the maker: Ramin Sangesari

Project Maker (s):  Ramin Sangesari

Country/Area: Espoo, Finland

Links to the Maker:  

Maker Bio: Programmer and IoT Developer

Project Name: LoRa GPS Tracker with Wio Terminal

Project Introduction:

This tutorial describes how to create your own LoRa GPS tracker using Seeedstudio Wio Terminal. Coordinates will be sent from the Sender to the Receiver (Wio Terminal) by LoRa Technology, after processing on the Receiver, the Sender’s location on the map can be seen live.

Important points

1. This project uses static images of which is made by osm-static-maps project. [The Heroku server might be unstable because it is a demo]

2. Due to the fact that you need a credit card to use Google Map service for free and I don’t have access to a credit card to create an account, I used the free OpenStreetMap service.

3. In my testing, the range was somewhere in the 300-500m range without line of sight, so is likely to be much longer with line of sight and/or better antenna.

4. Be aware that the GPS connection time may take up to a few minutes.

5. Before using Wio Terminal, be sure to update the WiFi firmware.

More details on Hackster.



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