Meet the Maker: Suhyeon Hong @Future Tech Academy


 She is Hong Soo-hyun.

 She likes rhythm game “the musician”. So she wanted to make it herself, and want to have more features in the future.








1. Project Design
2. Module Test: Push Button
3. Module Test: RhythmGame  
4. Programming
5. Concept Design
6. Build Up

She likes to play the rhythm game “the musician.” With what she has studied, she wanted to make her own rhythm game to play. She will be making the controller which will be connected to the laptop. Just like many other rhythm rules of the game, when the note is dropped, press the button right on the line to get the score. At this time, according to the degree of timing for each note pressed scores varies: perfect, great, good, bad.
If you miss more than five notes during a game, the game is over. When the game ends or the game is over, the total score is displayed on the screen.
She created a rhythm game with scratch, and she used Arduino to control the hardware.


Part Lists

1. Push Button * 5
2. Arduino Uno
3. laptop
4. JumperCable
5. MDF * 2



  – Push Button Array : press according to the note dropping timing
  – LapTop : process, display, and play sound of the game.
  – MDF : Housing Controller Case.

SoftWare(based on scratch)
  – Note : Drop the Note.
  – Sound : play Sound Track.



   When receive button signal from controller, scoring based on calculate Note Position and Threshold. If miss more than 5 times, game is over. After game completes or game is over, the game will display the total score.

 In order to establish the mood like in an arcade room. functionally, send Button Signal





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