Meet the Maker: DINO-ROBOT创意机器人实验室

DINO-ROBOT, DINO的创意机器人实验室,创立于 2017年。当DINO购买了第一部3D打印机开始,在工作之余的时间就喜欢创造奇怪的机器人。只需要几块电池、 小型电机、开关、电线、芯片及简单电路,你就可以像DINO一样创造奇怪的机器人及神奇的活动装置。 以下就是DINO-ROBOT的机器人及装置作品。有了3D打印机,我们只需要想象力及创意。

DINO-ROBOT, the creative robot lab of Dino, it’s built in the year 2017. After Dino bought the first 3D printer, he made a lot of robots when he was free.  If you have several batteries, motors, switches, chips, and simple circus, you can create such strange robots and devices like Dino. Here are the robots and funny devices from DINO-ROBOT. After you got the 3d printer, the only thing you need is your imagination.





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