Meet The Maker: Juhee Seo @Future Tech Academy

Maker: Juhee Seo usually turns off the alarm clock by hand and go back to sleep too often and this project includes many of her friends’ idea. She also has had a sad experience when she needed to wake up on time but could not.  So, she decided to start a project to make a new alarm clock.

This Alarm clock is not as easy as other alarm clocks to turn off since the person has to move away for a certain distacne.

This is For DeepSleepers!




On the first day when Juhee Seo heard that she can participate for the Maker Faire Shenzhen, she was excited, but at the same time, she did not know where to start. she always knew that she wanted a new alarm clock that is not easy to turn off. However, she  did not know what kind of alarm clock to make since there a lot of alarm clocks.
She started with searching through various designs, but soon, she knew that design is not the main point of her project. she  started to test with help of various applications and her friends about many different alarm clocks. This process helped her to set the goal of this project: distance sensor snooze function alarm clock. Even after that, there were lots of difficult challenges to do: choosing the alarm sound, programming the sensors and etc. However, the thought that she can show her idea and prototype in the Maker Faire Shenzhen motivated her not to give up her unique alarm clock.
Expected design: There are two types that she is considering.
  1. Robot Type (using ultrasound sensor as eyes)
  2. Wood box type

Next step was to decide the design. Measuring each sensor and parts to fit into a robot was not easy, but deciding the ratio of robot was even harder. For example, it was strange to look at if the head was too big, so she went back to the first step, deciding the design. After several trials, she decided to use MDF for designing. She made prototype with styrofoam board, but when she switched to MDF for the actual model it was too thin and hard to put together. It was her mistake of not considering different materials needed different ratio of measurements. After a failure of transforming styrofoam to MDF, she calculated the the ratio that can be applied to MDF and completed the model.


Part Lists

 – MDF
 – Arduino Nano
 – Clock
 – BreadBoard
 – Battery Holder
  – Toggle Switch
  – UltraSonic Sensor
 – Speaker(Piezo Buzzer) X 2



1. Arduino Nano: At first, the project was started with Arduino Uno, but after few trials, she decided to change to Arduino Nano. Nano was easier to work with when it comes to design.

2. Speaker (Piezo Buzzer): she used two of these which she thought would be enough to wake people up.

3. Battery Holder: she decided to operate the alarm clock with batteries to maximize the mobility.

4. MDF: MDF was simpler than plastics and looked better when put together.

5. Ultra Sonic Sensor: Ishe decided to use ultra sonic sensor because the concept of this alarm clock is robot and with this sensor, it can measure the distance, too.




Set Alarm Time
 – Bluetooth
 – Spekaer
  – RTC
 – 7-Segment (4bit )
  – RTC
  – Motion Sensor
 – UltrSonic Sensor
Power Supply
 Adaptor or 1.5 Battery(etc)






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