Workshop | Design a 3D Printer 工作坊 | 自制一个3D打印机

Workshop Topic: Designing Mechanically rigid affordable 3D printers and high-end affordable 3D Printer Controllers.

Time: Friday, Nov. 10th at 16:00

Place: Workshop Room 2 深圳职业技术学院 (留仙洞校区) 德业楼(教二) 2楼204教室

Content: This workshop will primarily provide some hands-on guidance to people who would like to make sure that their 3D printer is structurally and mechanically sound ( All major 3D Printer types will be covered: Mendel, CoreXY, Delta Printers in particular.

Mentor: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

Luke is a Libre Hardware and Libre Software Engineer,  he is currently fulfilling an eco-conscious Crowdfunding campaign (EOMA68 on Crowdsupply). The idea is to create mass-volume products that people can repair, upgrade and maintain for themselves, save a lot of money in the process. That means it has to be entirely open (100% libre) including the casework, which must be 3D printable so that people can repair it or replace it for themselves. He is designing a 3D printer to support the project because he has a huge amount of 3D printing to do, to fulfill his promises to the backers.

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