Meet the Maker: MakeLSI:

MAKER: Junichi Akita

I’m an LSI researcher, Maker (hobbyist on electronics).
I’m a professor at Kanazawa University, Japan, and operating this project with collaborators.
I continuously contributing Makers communities, especially in electronics field.
My project at Seeed’s Fusion gallery:
I’ve contributed to developing OPL v2 from Seeed as a volunteer:
I’m also operating Makers’ exhibition event in local city in Japan, Kanazawa, NT Kanazawa, where about 70 makers join:

PROJECT: MakeLSI: DIY LSI Project for Makers

LSI (large scale integration, semiconductor devices, so-called ‘chip’) is popular devices for Makers.
Although the custom LSIs have a large potential for extending Makers’ activities, there are a lot of hurdles toward designing and fabricating the desired LSIs for Makers and small-batch business.
MakeLSI: is a project to realize the world where all the Makers can design and fabricate original custom chip for their purposes.
We’ve exhibited the design systems and the fabricated chips by Makers in this project.




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