Meet the Maker: Connect me

MAKER: Connect Me

PROJECT 1: Hige Nyan (猫髭的電気玩具)

You can feel as if you were a cat with this toy mask HIGE-NYAN on, which have artificial muscles moving like cat’s whisker.  The artificial muscles move in conjunction with your heart rate measured with the ear-clip sensor. When you have a rapid heart rate, the whiskers move fast. They also flicker in some different color. In addition, you can hear a meow when you push a button on the stick.


This is a cat-shaped robot staying home, who is always worrying about the plants outside instead of you. It speaks with voice synthesis about air temperature, wind power, sunlight, and weather information. Nyanbot’s eyes shine when it is windy or the soil is dry. You can push the button and hear the message like “It’s blowing” or “please water”.


This enables your plants to tweet about themselves’ condition. It tweets “I’m thirsty” when the soil is dry, “thank you” when you water, “I’m photosynthesizing now” when it is sunny, etc. You can check the plants’ status through twitter away from home. It is equipped with air humidity and wind sensors as well as temperature, illuminance, and soil humidity sensors which move with “EnOcean”, energy harvesting wireless sensors.

In addition, 3 more products below are solo works by one of our members, Kazuma Inadu. They are also supposed to be on display at MFSZ.


Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese craftwork, a string that assembled thin silk or cotton thread. Making a kumihimo needs professional skills, but with KUMIHIMO-MAKER, you can easily make a kumihimo. All you have to do is to pass the thread from the shiny side to the other shiny side.
See the video from this link:

This is an electronic music instrument. Even if you cannot play the guitar or piano, you can easily play a chord with it.

PROJECT 6: hand-made game combined with Arduboy and Gamebuino

You can see more info from this blog (in Japanese, with more pictures)





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