Nantou Ancient Town Co-Creation Symposium

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Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023

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Nov. 11-12

Vanke Design Commune, Shenzhen

Satellite Event

This year, we’re introducing diverse satellite events, linking global makers within the Greater Bay Area. Through interactive salons, flash talks, and offline gatherings, participants can communicate and collaborate, uncovering new opportunities and challenges in tech innovation.Today, we would like to introduce the fourth satellite event with all the vistors: Nantou Ancient Town Co-Creation Symposium.

1.Name: Nantou Ancient Town Co-Creation Symposium.

2.Time: Sunday, November 12th, 2023, 16:00-18:00  GMT+8

3.Event Format: On-Site Experience + Sharing and Discussion

4.Organizers: Vanke Urban Research, Seeed Studio, Fab City

Nantou Ancient Town is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is an important historical and cultural landmark of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Throughout its more than 1,700-year history, Nantou has undergone some major transformations and currently combines the two identities of the historical ‘county seat’ (县城) and the contemporary ‘urban village’(城中村). Nantou Ancient Town was the administrative center of Xin’an (Bao’an) County in Guangdong Province during the Ming and Qing dynasties, which covered the area of the modern cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as the political, military, economic, and cultural center of the Lingnan coastal area. In 1953, Nantou became a rural community. In 1979, Shenzhen City was founded, and in 1980, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was founded. In 1988, Nantou Ancient Town was designated as a municipal-level heritage site. 

In the 1990s, the successful development of the city attracted migrant workers from all over the country. During the urbanization process, Nantou became an urban village that provided affordable rental housing to the city’s new residents. It is a residential community with great historical and cultural value due to its well-preserved urban fabric, and rich historical and cultural resources. In September 2019, the municipal government launched the Nantou Ancient Town Conservation and Adaptive Reuse Project to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The Nanshan district government sponsored and financed; Vanke Urban Research implemented it in 2019-2022 with the participation of local villagers. The project focused on the conservation of urban heritage, comprehensive improvement of the living environment, and the promotion of innovation and design in the ancient town.

Fab City is a global movement and initiative aimed at promoting sustainable urban development and digital manufacturing. The goal of Fab City is to make cities more self-sufficient, reducing their reliance on external resources, and providing residents with the essential necessities of life while minimizing environmental impact. This initiative combines digital manufacturing technologies with urban planning and sustainability to create smarter and more sustainable cities.

As a hardware partner for IoT innovation, Seeed Studio has been closely collaborating with the global tech ecosystem, providing hardware modules, IoT devices, and hardware services for developers worldwide. At the invitation of the Vanke Urban Research, Seeed Studio has developed and deployed three IoT solutions. Additionally, in collaboration with the Fab City Foundation, they are taking a deeper integration approach to advance urban sustainable development and digital transformation, contributing to the enhancement of Nantou Ancient Town.

15:40-16:00Assemble at the South Gate of Nantou Ancient Town.
16:00-16:30Guided tour of Nantou Ancient Town by Vanke, including a street view and a demonstration of Seeed’s solutions.
16:30-16:50Relocate to the meeting room within Nantou Ancient Town.Vanke will present the history and future development of Nantou through a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation.
16:50-17:10Kate or Mitalee will introduce Fab City and share case studies and experiences of successfully combining city development with digitalization.
17:10-17:30Seeed Studio will provide an in-depth presentation on the digital solutions deployed in Nantou, showcasing the contributions to urban revitalization.
17:30-18:00Engage in free-form discussions and networking opportunities, providing a platform for brainstorming and sharing ideas related to the Nantou project.

What you will get

The opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions with Kate, the Strategic Director, and Mitalee, the Project Manager of the Fab City Foundation. Participants gained insights into urban transformation cases worldwide that combine digital manufacturing technology with sustainability development.

The chance to get up close and personal with IoT solutions in Nantou Ancient Town, gaining a deeper understanding of the application and potential of digital technology in urban transformation. This experience will be valuable for exploring innovative solutions for their own projects in the future.

The active contributions and suggestions made by participants regarding urban transformation may be considered and incorporated into future city upgrade plans, turning ideas into reality and potentially making a tangible impact on urban sustainability development in the future.


1.Quota: 12

2.Fee: free

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