Workshop | Integrating Music into Your Classroom 工作坊 | 将音乐融入您的课堂

Workshop Topic 工作坊主题: Integrating Music into Your Classroom 将音乐融入您的课堂

Duration 时长: 45 minutes 45分钟

Time 时间:  Sat, Nov. 11th at 15:00, 2017年11月11日,星期六,15:00

Place 地点: Workshop Room 1. 深职院留仙洞校区德业楼(教二楼)二楼 203教室

Content 内容: 

Music is often getting phased out of the regular school day, yet so many students are coming to school plugged in with headphones. There are many ways to continue to allow students to express their love of music and teach ’em a thing or two at the same time! Come learn a few beats on how to make music time, academic time!


Mentor 工作坊导师: Justin Leventhal

Quick Info 注意事项:

*Language 工作坊语言: English 英文

*max 参与人数: 15

* hands-on workshop 这是一个有动手制作环节的工作坊

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