Meet the maker: Tom Sanders | XYZ-Imaging

Project Maker (s):  Tom Sanders

Country/Area: The Netherlands

Links to the Maker:   Linkedin | Facebook | Website

Maker Bio: Long-time entrepreneur and creative inventor in 3d photography. When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, he used his skills and experience to develop a new way of looking at this disease and created a new way of early detection. Although there is a growing community supporting this invention, the technical development and realization is still very much a one-man job.

Project Name: Early Warning Scan for breastcancer

Project Introduction:

An innovative approach to breast cancer population screening. Painless and without radiation, based on very accurate 3D scanning and analysis of biomechanics properties derived from skin movements. The scanner consists of 52 cameras and 48 pattern projectors, controlled by 13 Raspberry Pi’s and a central server.



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