Meet the Maker: Autonomous Classroom Vehicles

MAKER: Kevin Norman

In the 1980’s I was a game programmer at Epyx a worked on a large number of games, the most famous of which was California games.
I was a co-founder and Vice President of ScienceWiz, a major publisher of science educational kits:
I was also the founder and director of ScienceWiz summer camp in Berkeley California:
For eleven years my “vacation” was teaching robotics at summer camp. We used NQC and NXC programming languages in the camp. This experience led me to believe that in the proper environment young children can learn text based programming languages.

PROJECT: Autonomous Classroom Vehicles

We are developing a robot and course for the teaching of Python language to middle and high school students. Computer science is a major human achievement. Within a single lifetime it has transformed our business and professional lives. The internet and smartphones are a daily presence in the lives everyone in almost every country throughout the world.
Before the students who are now in elementary school complete their education the world will again be transformed. AI, IoT, Driverless cars and factory automation are all moving extremely quickly.
The educational establishment has been extremely slow to respond. In the United States very few high schools teach computer science and in China computer science is not taught until university. Autonomous Classroom Vehicles is designed to address this challenge by providing a serious course in Python and robotics for middle and high school students.




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