Meet the maker: DIY particle accelerator

Project Maker (s):  Takaoki Takanashi

Country/Area: Japan

Links to the Maker:   /

Maker Bio: I majored in theoretical physics at graduate school, but when I got a job after graduate, passion of MAKE that I had put up with was rekindled. I bought a lathe and a milling machine and started making an ultra-small cyclotron type particle accelerator in my apartment room. Currently, I am making the second home accelerator, the Wideroe type linear accelerator. Of course, even if it is made now, it will not contribute to the progress of science. I make it because it’s just fun.

Project Name: Home made particle accelerator

Project Introduction:

The particle accelerator cyclotron, invented by Lawrence of the United States in 1932, was inspired by the idea of resonance acceleration by Wideroe of Norway in 1928. Accelerators are very attractive devices that use many technologies such as high vacuum, strong magnetic field, high frequency, and their control. Therefore, continuing from the “ultra-compact cyclotron made at home” two years ago, In this time, going back in history, I am making my own Wideroe type linear accelerator, which is the origin of modern particle accelerators.



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