It is the best academy in Korea that leads the development of the 4th industrial innovation.

There are various programs for students such as SW coding, Maker, 3D Printing, Carnegie Mellon University, Design Thinking, and STEAM immersion training.

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Maker : Kim Taehyeon @Future Tech Academy

In the future I think agriculture is an important part of the future. In the future, agriculture is creating a variety of cutting-edge technologies, rather than traditional agriculture, and is creating my own SmartFarm, and I’m going to be on the Mall at MFSZ 2017. Attention, please!


Andrew @Future Tech Academy

I used Arduino to build a robot that supplies water along the rails. Looking for a more convenient daily life, I designed a project to make a more convenient living, and I joined this work with this MFSZ 2017. Thank you very much.


Hong Suhyeon @Future Tech Academy

I used Arduino and scratch to create a rhythm game. From the future, we will see more progress in terms of HW aspects. Please give me lots of advice and ideas.


Son Hyeongu @Future Tech Academy

I designed a character of MINECRAFT that I liked personally. We used neopixel to create the work of a variety of colored lights. Please appreciate the wonderful Steve and Creeper.


Choi Yunu @Future Tech Academy

I created a robot that greeted the guests who visited the MFSZ 2017. We used the bluetooth between the Arduino and the Android app to connect it in conjunction.

I am worried about communication on the day of the exercise, but I hope it works well.


Kang Minjae @Future Tech Academy

I was usually interested in electricity and lamps, and I thought I’d combine what I learned from coding to create a more interesting and convenient lamp. So when the sound is sensed by the microphone sensors, the robot has come to the Arduino device to create a so-called ‘ applause lamp ’, which sends signals to the bulb.



Park Seongmin& Seonghyeok @Future Tech Academy

We are interested in using Arduino to create a variety of musical instruments. This MFSZ 2017 showcased the piano and Orgol using Arduino. Welcome to lots of tips and ideas!


Moon @Future Tech Academy

I am very interested in making a variety of games using Arduino. This MFSZ 2017 has prepared a retroviral pinball game. Welcome to variable ideas!


Nick @Future Tech Academy

I made an Industry-based game, and I put the booth on the MFSZ 2017. I want to ask you a lot of suggestions, please advise and ask for advice.


Kim Minsik & Lee Hyeonu@Future Tech Academy

Our goal is to make Arduino a variety of musical instruments. As part of the project, we will try to introduce the Arduino guitars on the MFSZ 2017. Welcome to lots of advice!


Lee Mingyu & Park Minsu@Future Tech Academy

We have prepared a radar project for this MFSZ 2017. We are interested in implementing more military equipment as arduino in the future. Thank you!


Lee Junsang @Future Tech Academy

I can’t buy a vacuum cleaner to help my mother, so I made myself a cleaner. I’d like to make a better, more efficient product that makes it more efficient.


Jeong Yeji &Jeong Subin @Future Tech Academy

Would you like to have a fun Pinball game with us? We did our best.

I’d appreciate it if you enjoyed it!


Park Yeongin&Jeong Jiyu @Future Tech Academy

Please join someone who can fly a paper plane farther away!

There is also a prize for the winner!

Choose what you want to fly!


Justin Hur @Future Tech Academy

I like light. I’d like to make a lot of projects to make more beautiful light. I wanted to express a wide variety of light. Please give me lots of advice!


Kim Minjae @Future Tech Academy

I usually have a lot of sweat on my feet, and I’ve always tried to wash myself, and I’ve tried to do this project, and I’m going to do this project. I am going to introduce you to the MFSZ 2017. Advice on motor water protection, etc.


Kim Ray @Future Tech Academy

Lie down before sleeping, so that you can work on cell phones.

You have made a cordless lamp that works with Bluetooth. Production made parts using 3D printers. Welcome to additional advice and comments!


Jin @Future Tech Academy

I’m very interested in making robots. This project identified the environmental factors that affect human beings and created a robot that informs them. We plan to add many more features and versions. Please keep watch!


Kim Minjun & Lee Myeongho @Future Tech Academy

We’ve made such a mood lighting of X-mas concept. I think it’s nice to make ourselves beautiful and decorate our room!


Seo Juhui @Future Tech Academy

I prepared a persistent alarm fairy for the princess and the princes. Welcome to lots of tips and ideas to become a developed project!





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