Meet the maker: DigiFab Lab

Project Maker (s):  Hajime Yamaya

Country/Area: Shenzhen, China

Links to the Maker:   Website | Instagram

Maker Bio: Digifab Lab. Is a new Digital fabrication course that was opened in April this year at the cram school epis Wakaba shenzhen Classroom. This course consists of a STEAM education program that combines digital fabrication such as 3D printing with digital design such as 3D CAD and VR and 3DCG.

Project Name: Coffee Deodorizer Pot & Bedside Light with BioPBS filament

Project Introduction:

Plastic was born as a new alternative to ivory from the perspective of animal protection (protecting the environment) when billiard balls were made of ivory in the olden days. For this biodegradable plastic manufacturing, we wanted to create a new form (product) in which plastic can coexist in our lives, so we made a “swill press” and made a “coffee residue deodorant pot” and a “bed”. I also came up with other uses such as “side light”. We also considered reducing the amount of garbage as an important aim in production, so we reduced the amount of water in the swill and dried coffee grounds so that they could be recycled as deodorants and high-quality fertilizers. In addition, the raft and scraps of objects that are discarded during 3D printing can be used as materials for disassembling and observing object parts and plastics, reducing the amount of dust generated during the manufacturing stage. When participating as a team, not only the fun of creating things for elementary and junior high school students through digital fabrication as an educational institution, but also “the importance of prototyping (failure)” and “correct (chemical) understanding of biodegradable plastics” Foster and use engineered and scientific thinking such as “(Plastic) awareness and solution to waste problems” and “your future role for the realization of a sustainable society (creation of future dreams)” We worked on the development and diffusion of STEAM education programs that open up the future from the side of making. As a result, some of the lab students have come to think that they want to study manufacturing through 3D printing as a future dream, which can greatly contribute to the decision of a specific course (advancement to high school). .. Also, as in “Voices from Lab Students”, I am convinced that it will be a fortune in their future research activities to be able to make many mistakes and gain the experience of overcoming them. By posting the progress of the project and the state of the experiment on SNS such as Instagram, note, youtube from the beginning of the project, we also have activities to let more people know about biodegradable plastics and this project. I went positively.



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