Meet the Maker: Jin @Future Tech Academy

Maker: His Name is Kim Jin. He has been interested in robots even before participating Maker Fair Shenzhen 2017 and always wanted to make his own robot. At the same time, he wanted to make a robot that can improve the quality of people’s life, so he decided to make a robot that can analyze the atmosphere and express through emoticons…





This project is to make a robot that will improve the quality of people’s life. The function included in this robot is analyzing atmosphere and express through four different facial expressions: smile, no expression, frowning and sad.
The reason he cames up with this idea is because he wanted to put robot and environmental problems together and by using dot-matrix it will show results of analysis. This robot will analyze temperature and humidity. Also the robot will be keep moving to inform people about information of current atmosphere. In order to make this function work, he also needed the ultra-sonic sensor to calculate the distances between walls.

There were many ideas that he wanted to try, but the analyzing the atmosphere is his final project.

1. fire sensor: facial expression changes if fire breaks out
2. Temperature, Humidity  sensor:  facial expression changes by the temperature/humidity (ex/ frown when too hot/cold and dry/damp, smile when temperature and humidity is appropriate)
3. Facial expression changes by a UV, fine dust, etc.
4. Robot smiles when hears a song

Part Lists

– Arduino Uno 
– UltraSonic Sensor
– Motor and Drive
– DHT11(Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
– DotMatrix I2C Module 




DHT 11: To calculate temperature and humidity
MDF: Body of robot cut by laser cutting
DotMatrix 12C Module: Allow robot to express the result of analysis
UltraSonic Sensor: To move through obstacles by programming and will be placed on the eye of robot
Motor and Drive: Allow robot to roam freely to share information




 – Measuring Temperature & Humidity: Calculate DI by measuring temperature and humidity
 – Motor Operation: calculate UltraSonic Sensor Return Value, and Based on this, Operate automatic
 – Display: Depends on DI result, Display Emoticon From frowning to smiling.

 – Display Part
   temp, humi = getDHT()
   di = getDI(temp, humi)

  – Move Part 
  distance = toCenti(getUltraSonic())
  if(distance < ThresHold)




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