Meet the Maker: Derrick Lee

Derrick Lee is a maker from Korea, a pupil of NLCS Jeju in Y 11, and a fond scientist of ingenious ideas, but nothing much more yet more to come. I am greatly interested in the foundations of Arduino, Python, Raspberry Pi as well as their implications and earnestly wish to continue developing as a career.

And Derrick will present DoeY Lamp, an interactive art project, a mood lamp operating by Raspberry Pi and pi-cam to read facial expressions and display it in color. It has cute horns of a doe which explains the name of the project. It turns yellow signaling happiness, red signaling anger, blue signaling sadness, and purple signaling a surprise. It’s mirroring your emotion.

Derrick will show this cool & cute project at the booth of Seeed Studio (A001) at Maker Faire Shenzhen. Come talk to Derrick and play with his project!



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