Meet the Maker: Andrew @Future Tech Academy

Maker: His name is Andrew. He comes from South Korea and he’s 14. He has entered this Makerfaire because he is interested in making, designing, IT and technology. His project’s name is ‘Automatic Plant Watering Machine’, also known as APWM. APWM is a machine which can water plants automatically. Put a plant under the machine, start the machine and in a few seconds, your plants will be watered. The reason why he cames up with this idea is that his mom often makes him water the plants and he doesn’t really like to do it


APWM : Automatic Plant Watering Machine


1. Project Planning
2. Project Scoring & Select
3. Project Build
   Step 1: RC Car
      Control: Arduino Circuit
      Build: Rail
   Step 2: Build Frame: ProtoType
   Step 3: Watering System
      Design: Modeling
      Control: Arduino Circuit
      Step 4: Build Project: ProtoType 

For his Watering Bot, there are plants in a row and at the each end there is a base and there is a rail connecting the two bases. The machine is on top of the rail where it can move and put water downwards. The reason why he came up with this idea is that his mom often makes him water the plants and he wanted to make the process simpler.
 The function might exist, however for his style there is a model of a rollercoaster on the watering bot and there is a small house at each end which says 1: start, 2: end and there is 1 person on the ‘start’ house looking excited and there are two people looking like they freaked out. At the ‘end’ of the house, there is a person looking as if it was a horrific ride.


Part Lists

Arduino Uno 2
battery holders 2
motors with wheels
motor driver
mini breadboard
Recycled Wood Pillar


Wood: The bridge and the rail looks like a train rail bridge.

Also two bases at each end. Motor Car: ABS, printed by 3D printer Water Container: Connected to the motor car to mobilize

and the water container. printed by 3D printer Battery holder: Motor Car is utilized by battery Motor Driver: Feeds from the battery to operate the car Motors with wheels: Motor driver activates the wheel to

move across the rail 3D Printer: Printed motor car body, water container


 – When device’s switch power turns on, the container will

be wheeling forward. At the same time, there is sonar

sensor to calculate the distance
 – If there is no feedback within 30 cm, the device will

consider that there is no plant under it
 – If there is feedback within 30 cm, the device will

consider that there is a plant and will start watering for

 – If the device reaches the end, the sensor will not function

 until the device reaches the starting point
 – As long as power is on, the sonar sensor will keep calculating the distance and performs the given task above





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