Meet the maker: Kutluhan Aktar

Project Maker (s):  Kutluhan Aktar

Country/Area: Turkey

Links to the Maker: Hackster

Maker Bio:

Self-Taught Full Stack Developer | Programmer | Maker | Physics Enthusiast

Project Name: Vegetables and Fruits Ripeness Detection by Color w/ TF

Project Introduction:

Thanks to our evolved acuity, it is not struggling for us to detect ripeness by the appearance of a fruit or vegetable. However, nowadays, foods are a subject of mass production. Thus, we need a more reliable and effortless method to distinguish fruits and vegetables depending on their ripeness than the naked eye. In the hope of assisting food companies, grocery stores, and farmers in sorting fruits and vegetables, I developed this device that detects ripening stages by spectral color with a neural network model.

Project Name: Autonomous (LIDAR) Litter Detection Robot w/ Edge Impulse

Project Introduction:

Recognize and monitor litter with object detection via this self-driving robot. It also deploys a video stream and a fall detection system.

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