Meet the Maker: Arijit Das

Project Maker (s): Arijit Das

Country/Area: India

Links to the Maker:   Youtube

Maker Bio:

Arijit is a 15-year-old from India. He loves to play with AI on hardware. He has been into IoT and AI since 2017. Currently, he is an Ambassador at Edge Impulse and creates wholesome content for the team, and also shares his thought in lots of good talks. He leads the TinyML Aspirants Community, which is amongst the biggest Machine Learning communities in Asia. Earlier this year he even joined the tinyML Foundation as their Co-organizer for tinyML India. In his free time, he is usually found to play his Spanish Guitar and making EDM songs!

Project Name: Pneumonia Detector for Everyone

Project Introduction:

Pneumonia has troubled the world for decades, with deaths mounting when early detection is missed. The WHO estimates that each year the number of people affected by pneumonia is nearly 450 million, with the number of deaths reaching 4 million per year, mostly in the developing world. These numbers represent a lot of pain, lost dreams and grief for people everywhere, and can be mitigated. So far, the detection of pneumonia is achieved by using x-rays, chest scans or extracting blood serum in extreme cases. BUT this requires time, resources, skilled personnel, and it is expensive! I’ve been working on a solution that harnesses low-cost hardware and software that can deliver effective detection for people everywhere, regardless of location, skill and affordability.



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