Meet the maker: Taniura Tomofumi

Project Maker (s):  Taniura Tomofumi

Country/Area: Mie Pref. JAPAN

Links to the Maker:  Instagram| Youtube | Twitter | Facebook

Maker Bio: I’m crazy about “Circuit bending” that hacks the circuits of electronic devices to bring out amazing sounds. I believe Circuit bending is a play that is the basics of making, in which familiar things are disassembled and their roles are changed by one’s own hands. I hope to share the fun of it.

Project Name: My Best Music Instruments Hack & Collection

Project Introduction:

BENDBOY is over 100 of circuit bent gameboys.
All of these have been backlit and circuit bent.

Special Thanks

to Maker Music Festival for inviting this amazing project to exhibit on Maker Faire Shenzhen 2021.



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