Meet the maker: Muhammed Zain

Project Maker (s): Muhammed Zain


Links to the Maker:  Instagram

Maker Bio:

I’m an undergraduate student in electrical and electronics engineering, IEEE Robotics and Automation society vice-chair in my institution also, low voltage lead in the SAE EBAJA team in our institution. I’m an IoT enthusiast and have lots of experience in the IoT field. Now I’m focusing on robotics too and a beginner in ROS. One of my projects (Fight Fire) got incubation in Cisco thingQbator when I’m in 11th grade. Also, I have participated in many hackathons at the state level, national level, and international level.

Project Name: Fight Fire

Project Introduction: Fight Fire is a wildfire prediction device that will help the firefighting authority to respond quickly to the wildfire also it will help the fire fighting authorities to plan for the rescue mission.

More about the project on Github.



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