Meet the Maker: SIMPteam

SIMPteam means Special Idea Making Project and make unique stuff using Arduino and Raspberry pie and stuff. They also have a Youtube channel.

While participating in Maker Faire Shenzhen, they want to show their projects and share their feelings of how making makes people happy.

Let’s have a sneak peek of their projects to be shown at Maker Faire Shenzhen this October!

(1) Moneybank is a project which insists to take money: When you insert a coin, it is a savings bank with interesting sounds and images.

(2) LED light saber : This is the LED light test for Star Wars. It’s an easy-to-create structure. The sensors are built in to react to shock and swinging.

(3) LED pixel art box: The cute LED pixels move.

(4) SIMP Wearable: It is equipped with LED goggles and RGB LEDs to indicate the physical condition in the game. The color changes gradually to red when you receive a shock.


(5) DIY orbeez gun

(6) KDH’s Electronic instruments: 8 bits and 16 sound instruments. Game music of reminiscence is played



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