Meet the Maker: Justin Hur @Future Tech Academy

Maker: His name is Justin Hur, and the name of his project is “Glue Mood”. He want to make artistic mood using simple circuit composition and glue.





He will put glue sticks on an MDF board. He will make a hole at the bottom and place a LED lighting in it. To turn on/off the work, he will add a lever to it.
The reason he came up with this idea: When he saw a pillar lighting at a park he thought that it is similar with a glue stick.

Step 1. Choosing Bars(Glue sticks(bigger one or smaller one) or plastic stick)
-> He chose big Gluestick. Because 1. plastic stick is too transparent 2. smaller one is hard to make a hole at the bottom and put a LED in it.

 Step 2. Placing Glue stick

 -> In order of the length.

     And they will be place in curved form.

Step 3. Organizing a circuit


Parts List


– glue sticks(12)
 – LED lighting(12)
 – MDF board(20*20)(1)
 – wire(1) 
 – lever(1)
– CR2032 or 5V Battery(with R220)


MDF: Board
Glue Stick: Glue MDF board in order of the length and they will be placed in a curved shape
LED Lighting: the colors of each LED lighting would be set like the color of the rainbow(like red-orange-yellow…..)
Battery: To operate LED Lighting




  – LED : compose Simple LED Circuit, make Colorful Mood.
   – Glue : Using glue gun’s solid pilar part as house 

 – Power Supply 
    – Toggle SW : Power on/off Switch
    – Battery : multiple CR2032 or One 5V Supply Battery.







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