Meet the Makers: Shenzhen American International School

MAKER: Shenzhen American International School Students

We are mini-makers & life-long learners that use making to bring authenticity to our academic learning. We are ages 5 through 13. We create and construction knowledge on a daily basis in our classrooms as well as in our makerspace. In addition the rigor in our academics, our goal is to have purpose and meaning behind our creations to solve problems and contribute progress to the community.


* Costume Design (e-wear):
ages 6-12 will showcase their designs as well as run a DIT turning everyday materials into beautiful costumes!
* Build a Cajone:
the fourth graders will run a workshop on how to build a Cajone. A Cajon is a percussion instrument that originated from Peru.
* Cardboard Arcade:
inspired by Caine’s Arcade, the 2nd graders will open their arcade made from recycled materials for play. Profits from their arcade will be donated to a local orphanage.
* Using VR to explain an environment:
our kids will showcase their work with VR by immersing you in our learning environment. The kids will be available to teach anyone that is interested in creating their own.
* Functional Furniture:
the 3rd graders will showcase the furniture they have designed and made to improve their learning environment. They will also hold short introductions on how to use the tools they’ve used. For example, sanders, saws, electric drills.
* Using video:
the kindergartners & 1st graders will show the public how to use iMovie, as well as, showcase the videos they have made.



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