Meet the maker: Helen Leigh

Project Maker (s):  Helen Leigh

Country/Area: Portland, Oregon

Links to the Maker:  Youtube | Twitter | Instagram 

Maker Bio:

Helen Leigh is a hacker, writer, musician, presenter, educator, artist & self-professed nerd. She is the author of The Crafty Kid’s Guide to DIY Electronics and the creator of the MINI·MU glove. Now Head of Community at Crowd Supply.


Project Name: Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Project Introduction:

The sonic circuit sculpture creatures featured in this post are a series of interactive sound art installations. The creatures were made by Helen Leigh in collaboration with sound designer and composer Andrew Hockey. The videos below demonstrate two of the creatures: one a synthy bass creature with two modes of modulation and the other a harp-like melodic creature.

The first creature has a pitch range of one octave, is tuned to C minor and the rightmost limbs trigger two effects: a tremolo and a delay. It is made of brass, solder and paper, and is powered by a Bela Mini and PocketBeagle.

The second creature is tuned to C harmonic minor and has a three octave range from left to right. It is made of steel wire, solder and paper, and is powered by a Bela cape and BeagleBone Black.

Special Thanks

to Maker Music Festival for inviting this amazing project to exhibit on Maker Faire Shenzhen 2021.



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