Workshops at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019

Hey guys, we know that many of you can’t wait for MFSZ19 to start! For those who have been waiting for us to reveal our list of workshops at MFSZ, the painful wait is finally over!

Scroll down! 😀

Regardless of your age and gender, we have prepared 15 workshops of different themes.

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MFSZ19 Workshop Schedule.

Alternatively, you can send the keyword “workshop” to our official account to obtain a link to the workshop schedule.


From handmade items to all sorts of cool applications of technologyFrom workshops suitable for individuals to family-friendly onesYou will definitely find a workshop that interests you!

1. MG Car Building & Racing 

This workshop is a no-rules miniature car building & racing competition. With a large, undulating track and no restrictions on the size of the cars or materials that participants can use, this workshop allows you to display your creativity, cleverness and ingenuity.

Quick Info

Date:9-10 November 2019

Timings: 11:00-12:00 ,14:00-15:00 ,16:00-17:00

 Venue:MG Car Building &Racing Area (refer to guide map)

 Quota: No limit

Price: 29 RMB/person

Registration:Scan the QR Code below to sign up(Walk-in registration is fine too). You can make the payment on-site.

p.s. the first 8 persons to sign up for each session can participate for free by subscribing to the official account “MakerFaire制汇节” on Wechat(subjected to the time recorded on the form)


2.Play around with Open-Source Hardware

Who should participate: Makers who are very interested in open-source hardware.

In this workshop, you can:

1) Try out two open-source hardware products

2) Learn how to use Arduino and sensors to do prototyping

3) Experience developing FGPA

Quick Info

Date:9-10 November 2019

Time: 13:00-15:00

 Venue:MFSZ Workshop Area (refer to guide map)

Quota:30 pax/session

 Price:Free of Charge

Registration: Scan the QR Code below to sign up

*Please Note: please bring your own laptop and download the Arduino IDE software beforehand

3. Kittenblock AI Project Based Learning Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn:

1. The basics of machine learning

2. The process of machine learning for object identification

3. How to control hardware using visual programming

Who should participate:

1. Primary and secondary school students with a background in Scratch or other coding software who wish to improve their skills

2. Teachers who wish to open up a school or training institution for AI education

3. Hobbyists who wish to learn visual identification and complete their creative project quickly

Quick Info

Date: 10 November 2019

Time: 10:00-12:00

Venue:MFSZ Workshop Area (refer to guide map)

Quota:10 pax

 Price:Free to participate, but you can purchase your completed work for 415 RMB(inclusive of microbit).

Registration: Scan the QR Code below to sign up

Please Note:

1、Please bring along your laptop(with webcam, the workshop will require a webcam)

2、Please download the graphical programming software Kittenblock and upgrade it before you come for the workshop(the workshop venue will not provide internet access) :

Video guide to installing and upgrading Kittenblock:

3、If you meet any problems during installation, you can join our user discussion QQ chat group :444193538

4. MARK AI Driverless Mini Car Workshop

Do you want to have your own self-driving miniature car? MARK is a miniature AI car that can identify images. Through simple programming, you can allow it to “see” road signs and make decisions. Come join the workshop to fall in love with Artificial Intelligence now!

Requirements:Aged 12 & above, with a background in visual programming

Quick Info

Date: 10 November 2019

Time: 15:30-16:30

Venue:MFSZ Workshop Area (refer to guide map)

Quota:20 pax/session

 Price:Free of Charge

 Registration:Scan the QR Code below to sign up

5. Grove Zero Magnetic Mini-Car Workshop

You will only need a few simple steps to get a miniature car that can stand and move. Through visual programming, you can make the car perform all sorts of tasks. Isn’t it cool? Come join us now!

Requirements: Aged 8 & above

Quick Info

Date:10 November 2019

Time: 16:30-17:30

Venue:MFSZ Workshop Area (refer to guide map)


Price:Free of Charge

Registration:Scan the QR Code below to sign up

6. Make a Mini Mecanum Wheels Car

Participators will complete the mini Mecanum wheel car and programming under the guidance of the teacher and will have a simple creative competition afterwards.

Content of the workshop:

1. Self-assembling of Mecanum wheel car car

2. Creative programming

3. Creative competition

Requirements:Aged 10 & above, with experience in hands-on activities

Quick Info

Date:9 November 2019

Time: 10:00-12:00

Venue:MFSZ Workshop Area (refer to guide map)



1.   The activity itself is free, but you will have to pay ¥299 RMB if you wish to bring the car home;

2.     Presale price of the car is ¥199RMB,you can bring it home after the workshop

Registration:  Scan the QR Code below to sign up

7. Longan Coding Workshop

Participants in this coding workshop will utilize Longan’s smart hardware and CodeLab Adapter’s coding platform to enable interactions(depending on your programming) between AI, devices, characters in the digital world, and even your own body! This simple coding platform is suitable for all children aged 8 and above.

Quick Info

Date:9 November 2019

Time: 15:30-17:30

Venue:MFSZ Workshop Area (refer to guide map)

Quota:Max 30 persons(including parents)

 Price:Free of Charge

Registration: Scan the QR Code below to sign up

Gentle reminder: Please bring along a laptop

8. MG Young Makers Workshop

Young makers under the age of 14 will lead participants to work on their self-designed projects. Join us to work on creative projects with these talented young makers!

Quick Info

Date:9-10 November 2019

Timings: 11:00-12:00 & 15:00-16:00

Venue:MG Car Building & Racing Area (refer to guide map)

Quota:8 pax/session

Price:Free of Charge

 Registration: Walk-in registration

9. Recycled Robot Competition

Have you ever tried making a recycled robot? If you have never tried it, this workshop is a must for you to participate! You can make your very own recycled robot and compete in fun-filled battles with others!

Quick Info

Date: 9-10 November 2019


Venue:MG Car Building & Racing Area (refer to guide map)

Quota:8 pax/session

Price:Participation in the competition is free. If you need to make and bring home the miniature car, it will be 39 RMB/person.

Registration: Walk-in registration

10. Mini Cardboard Workshop

Dinosaur lovers, this is the workshop just for you! Join us to make a mini Cardboard T-rex that you can take home!

Quick Info

Date:9-10 November 2019

Time: 10:00-18:00 (while stocks last)

Venue:Cardboard T-Rex Area (refer to guide map)

 Quota:No Limit

Price:5 RMB

Registration: Walk-in registration

11. Longyan Musical Tech Workshop

Through this workshop, you will be able to use Scratch and Toio cubes to make your own musical instruments, learn to use AI Rubik’s Cube to create a symphony and see Lego distance sensors performing. Join us in this mini-workshop to make cute Toio cubes perform for you!

Quick Info

Sessions:9 November 2019 , 10:00 – 15:00

10 November 2019 ,  10:00 – 17:00

Venue:Booth A17

Quota:No Limit

Price:Free of Charge

Registration: Walk-in registration or scan the QR code below to sign up

Please Note:The number of people who can participate will depend on how big the crowd is(the booth has limited space)

12. DIY Sky-antenna

Love DIYing things? In this workshop, you can make your own directional antenna prototype and test it! Join us now!

Quick Info

Sessions:9 November 2019, 14:30-16:30

10 November 2019, 10:30-12:00

Venue:Booth A22

Quota:10 pax/session

Price:Free of Charge

Registration: Walk-in registration

13. Soldering Workshop

If you are interested in learning how to solder, this workshop is just for you! There will be mentors to guide you along so that you can have a safe and fun soldering experience!

Quick Info

Date:9-10 November 2019

Time: 10:00-18:00

Venue:Booth A08

Quota:20 pax/day

 Price:Free of Charge

Registration: Walk-in registration

14. POLI Robot DIY

“POLI Robot DIY” workshop content:

1. Participators will learn how to use a CNC engraving machine to work on the outer casing and the circuit board of the robot

2. Participators will solder circuit boards, do wiring, assemble the outer casing and test the robot under guidance.

Quick Info

Date:9-10 November 2019

Time: 10:00-18:00

Venue:Booth C14

Quota:50 pax

Price:99 RMB

Registration: Walk-in registration

15. Badge Soldering Workshop

Want to get your hands on these cool badges? This year, Chaihuo will be holding a soldering workshop for people who purchase these badge and teach you how to light it.

If you visit us and share 9 photos of MFSZ19 using the “Moments” function on Wechat, you will get a badge for free! 

Quick Info

Date:9-10 November 2019

Time: 10:00-18:00

Venue:Booth B07-08

Quota:No Limit

Price:5 RMB/badge

Registration: Walk-in registration




Join us at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019!

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