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ioNature : Wheat Field 互动麦田

ioNature : Wheat Field (互动⻨田)是一个由Deqing SunPeiqi Su设计制造的互动艺术装置。当⼈⾛近时,颗颗⻨秆便会摇动,整体上形成阵阵麦浪。 就像人与⾃然间存在隐形的电流,互通互联。整个艺术装置在形式上和寓意上,表现人与自然通过科技互联为一体。


ioNature : Wheat Field is an interactive kinetic installation consisting of 212 sets of dried wheat, designed for World Maker Faire in autumn. When people walk nearby, the wheat responds to people by swaying back and forth, forming wave patterns, just like when the wind blows across a field. 

Creatures Band 受造物乐队

世间万物是造物者的作品。无论是废弃的乐器,还是破碎的零件,都隐藏着属于自己的生命力——受造物乐队(Creatures Band)由此诞生。


Everything in the world is the work of creator. Whether it is an abandoned instrument or a broken part, it hides its own vitality and this is how Creatures Band was born.

After more than 150 days, hundreds of instruments and thousands of parts collected, which seem to be “abandoned”, have been transformed by creator carefully and became musicians, giving out  again their vitality. Currently, the band consists of three guitarists, a drummer, a steel sheet player and a pianist, as well as a human singer.

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UBBAN PLANTS城市入是由E-LAB设计研究与Mountain Black黑山新媒体互动以及seeed合作的互动装置作品。


URBAN PLANTS is an installation designed and built by E-LAB, in collaboration with Mountain Black and seeed. In nature, some plants can transform and response to the environment as a form of adaptation. In this installation, we try to explore the concept if urban systems can also be transformable and adaptive.

Steven M Johnson 创客漫画展


The year 2018 represents my 56nd year as an occasional inventor, whimsicalist and possibilitist. Though creating invention-themed cartoons has been for me nothing more than a sideline business, I’ve never stopped amusing myself by tinkering with ideas for plausible or outrageous products, or by trying to anticipate future trends and inventions. 

MakeFashion Edu 创客时装教育展

创客时尚教育(MakeFashion Edu)是来自加拿大的国际性非盈利创客教育项目,通过工作坊、社区活动、大型走秀等形式来,把科技与时尚跨界结合,从而激发儿童的创造力、动手能力及解决问题的能力。今年此项目已在蛇口社区连接超过400名来自8所中小学的师生,并制作出20件精美又创意的作品。

MakeFashion Edu is an international non-profit working to promote learning through fashion and tech. Through hosting workshops; reach-out and push-in activities; and larger events, MakeFashion Edu sees providing access for young designers to go to industry and project-based learning as one way to pull local communities together.


纸写生是来自美国艺术家Danny Scheible独创的全新艺术形式,是使用美纹纸来制作各个形状的作品,是一种具有高度艺术性、教育性、社会参与性的社会雕塑艺术。

TAPIGAMI is a contemporary art form created by Sacramento artist Danny Scheible. First attracted to masking tape because of its versatile, accessible, and malleable nature, Danny used the unlikely material to create large-scale installations and create an accessible and interactive art form.

Nerdy Derby 无动力小车工作坊

无动力小车是来自纽约的无规则微型车竞赛游戏,孩子们可以在现场亲手制作属于自己独一无二的小车,在固定的轨道上进行比赛。他们体验到刺激新奇并即时反馈的乐趣。 本项目鼓励孩子们自由地创造,感受成功和失败,培养想象力、创造力和寻找乐趣的动力。

We add fun to learning. We provide educators and young learners with the means to explore beyond textbooks. Children experience the joy of immediate feedback through creative challenges rooted in hands-on building, iterative testing, and no-rules racing. Nerdy Derby inspires children to tinker freely, celebrate successes and failures, and cultivate attitudes that give power to the imagination, the agency to make, and the joy to discover.

Touchy  人体相机表演

Touchy是来自香港艺术家萧子文的作品,是一个可佩戴的装置直接把一个人变成一个活相机。 Touchy与人接触时才会看得见东西,如果你触摸与望着Touchy,立即会拍照!就这样,Touchy不断发放欢笑与正能量。

TOUCHY  is a wearable device that transforms a human being into a walking camera. This hybrid of the human body with an everyday technology explores the possibilities of contemporary human connection.

Big Clapper 拍掌机器人

BIG CLAPPER 拍掌机器人是由日本著名创客团队Byebyeworld及深圳超常识科技共同打造的娱乐型机器人,是一项跨国合作、在地生产的创客项目。拍掌机器人长着可爱的外形,通过传感器与观众互动,应用场景广泛,此前在日本玩具展、淘宝造物节等活动中大受欢迎。作为大中华区独家共创伙伴的超常识MakerNet希望借此项目加深中日交流,宣传深圳智造

“BIG CLAPPER” is a clapping robot from Japan that can cheer up anyone, anytime, anywhere, Spreading Happiness and Joy Two Hands at a Time!

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Handmade 3D Planetarium 3D天文馆


Higekita was born to be a maker. Since childhood, he has been obsessed with making little gadgets like mini carboard cars, paper planes etc.. When Appollo 11 landed on the moon, he was excited by the news and fell in love with the infinite universe ever since. In 1985, inspired by a 3D dome movie at the Science Expo in Tsukuba, he decided to DIY a 3D planetarium simply using red and blue cellophane, projectors and props like miniature planets, spaceships, spacestations etc. to generate a great Handmade astronomical experience.

 Airigami  共创气球创客艺术

艺术家拉里·莫斯(Larry Moss)和凯莉·奇特尔(Kelly Cheatle)已经创造了共创气球艺术装置,这种装置使年轻人和老年人都感到迷恋二十多年。他们多个作品已成为全球媒体关注的主题,他们独特的艺术作品和屡获殊荣的插画作品已在世界各地展出。

Artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle have been creating “full-blown” installations that enchant both young and old for over twenty years. Airigami projects like Elastic Park, Airigami Balloon Adventure, Balloon Manor and Fantastic Flying Octopus have been the subject of much local, national and international media attention. Their unique fine art and award-winning illustration work has been showcased around the world.

Precious Plastic 珍贵的塑料

珍贵的塑料是全球最大的塑料回收商社区,有100多家团队遍布全球。Precious Plastic最初是一个开源解决方案,通过一些Youtube教程创建机器来对抗塑料污染。学会这个方法, 任何人都知道如何更好处理塑料袋或瓶子,并再次将其变成有价值的东西。

Precious Plastic is the biggest plastic recyclers community worldwide, there are more than 100 teams spread around the world.Precious Plastic started as an open source solution to create machines to fight against plastic pollution with some Youtube tutorials. With those, anyone can process a plastic bag or bottle and turn it into something valuable again.

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