Meet the Makers: For Our Kids


The reason why I, Yu Hata, started this project was that my daughter was born. I wanted her to learn to programme in her early ages and thought what kind of materials was appropriate for her to learn it for the first time. This was the beginning. Once I started to make, I showed prototypes to lots of friends. Fortunately, some of them had interests in the prototypes and joined the team. From my experience, as long as you have a passion for making something, you would have team members. Let’s enjoy making.

PROJECT: PETS – Tangible Programming Kit for small kids
PETS is an ideal, experience-based starter kit to programming and computational thinking that doesn’t require your kid to sit in front a PC or holding a tablet and staring at it all day. All you need to program PETS’ movement is by inserting command blocks into the top of PETS. Let’s move PETS!




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