Meet the Maker: STEAMHead

MAKER: James Simpson

James Simpson, SteamHead open space, Litchee Lab education, Shekou Educators Innovation Network. Adidas, Nike, Gap, NASA, Toyota. Designing open source Maker education systems for teachers and schools in China, Australia, USA, and UK. Teaching teachers and students alike.

PROJECT: Open Maker Badges, which can be used by Maker Ed teachers to formalize and organize their courses.

I’m presenting a free and open sourced system of learning makerspace skills, bringing together tools sponsored and created by big organizations in the US (ie Stanford Design School, MIT Media Lab). Educators who visit my booth will be able to use these tools to decide how to teach maker ed.

Maker Badges are based on the McArthur Foundation charity work with Mozilla in developing Open Badges.

These are certificates that students earn for completing real-world challenges, however, they are digitally signed by issuing organizations (schools and teachers) to ensure quality. So no forgeries, and there is photo evidence of student’s work.

We have 70 different badges for skills used in Makerspaces and Maker Education. This isn’t a teaching system, it’s a learning pathway. A definition of how to gain mastery over skills needed to design new things.

Here are a few badges I’ll show, you can see they progress from Level 1 to 4. The blue one is papercraft, the orange one is 2D modeling using a laser cutter.

Here is a video showing you what is Open Maker Badge:




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