MFSZ艾特说讲者招募Call for Speakers for XTALK on MFSZ 2017


Making & Sharing are makers’ two important labels. If you are a maker with some awesome/cool/practical/interesting projects, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to stand on this stage to share your story.

除了往年正式的大论坛演讲之外,Maker Faire Shenzhen 2017将携手艾特说,11月11-12日,打造一个属于自造者分享舞台。在这里,围绕“造物”主题,你可以用15分钟:




Apart from the formal forum on MFSZ, we also cooperate with XTALK to provide another stage for more makers to come and share! @Talk (November 11th-12th ) on Maker Faire Shenzhen 2017 will be such a stage where you can give a 15-minute speech, with content including but not limited to:

– experiences in making

– projects you’ve made/ are making

– people/stories behind the projects






Don’t hesitate to apply for a speech spot, if: are a maker who have made / are making projects enjoy documenting/sharing the process of making are eloquent and good at delivering speeches love to share (most IMPORTANT)

我们将从报名申请中选出20个有亮点的故事和经历的讲者,让你在Maker Faire Shenzhen的舞台上成为焦点。期待你的报名与分享哟!

We’ll select 20 makers out of all applications as the speakers of @Talk on Maker Faire Shenzhen 2017. Don’t miss the chance to be a highlight of MFSZ.


How to Sign up

报名时间:即日 ~ 2017年10月31日


Deadline: October 31st, 2017

Scan the QR Code below or click here to sign up.



量子力学里,两个粒子短暂地彼此耦合,分开之后亦会相互影响,即便它们之间遥望着整个银河系。霍金说,最令他感动的,大概就是这种「遥远的相似性」。遥远赋予我们与生俱来的差异,有些看起来毫无关联的人,通过交流,产生脑电波同频共振。他们相见恨晚,他们惺惺相惜。 艾特说就是这扇任意门。




Previous @Talk speeches/speakers on MFSZ

@Talk on MFSZ 2016

折腾之后,嘚瑟理所应当。来吧,在今年Maker Faire Shenzhen的舞台上,分享你与造物的故事!!!

Sharing and making are indispensable in makers’ journey of growing. Come join us on Maker Faire Shenzhen 2017 to share your unique making stories on @Talk.



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