Meet the Maker: AVVEU

Avveu provides Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) services to clients that require generated encryption keys for their sensitive data.

Avveu gives its clients unprecedented levels of communication security that is lighy years ahead of conventional security protocols.

They are working with Quantum cryptography (QKD) applications. As a service provider, they will encrypt the communication channel and generate encryption keys on behalf of our clients so they don’t have to. This channel will then be used to communicate with them and their servers on our service. It will eliminate the need for them to upgrade to a quantum network. Essentially, they provide a secure quantum cloud ecosystem.

They are in the process of building a sophisticated Open Source solution to leverage all the available Quantum Computers in the market, specifically to increase the number of Qubits available to us at any given time. It relies on the DAI and the QKD networks. They call it the QC Combine.



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