Meet the Maker: Roni Gorodetsky

Roni Rahamim Gorodetsky is 22-year-old maker from Isreal.

At age of 19 he came to China on his own during a business trip to work on and secure smart wearables and iOT devices. After falling in love with Chinese technology, culture and language he decided to stay and study Mandarin to gain experience from the world’s top smart city – Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is currently making innovative and creative projects in the fields of: Making, Smart cities and IoT.

During Maker Faire Shenzhen, Roni will show the following projects:

  1. CrowPi Minecraft Magic blocks

Have a try! Play and built Minecraft Magic blocks using CrowPi which is advanced all-in-one Raspberry Pi computer kit. Makers, kids and professionals will be able to learn how Minecraft works with Python and how to bring Minecraft blocks from the real world to the virtual!

CrowPi has been successfully crowdfunded on kickstarter this year with over 100% funding in less than 48 hours!

  1. Smart dog plastic bag dispenser

The idea behind the smart plastic bag dispenser came after seeing an issue in my hometown where kids in the park took all the plastic bags from the device and the government couldn’t keep up with the need. The smart innovative design offers plastic bags only for dog owners, it offers notification to the city to know where and when plastic bags require fulfilment and the best part – It can track lost dogs by BLE chip!

also, the devices uses environment-friendly plastic bags that are made of corn! Care for your pet and the environment, all in one.

  1. Smart cat toy

The smart cat toy is a project created by request of my British friend. His cat was lonely all day long at home and he wanted to keep him busy. The cat toy includes multiple mice through small holes that go in and out in a random order. The plan for the future is to add a camera on top and be able to play with the cat remotely!

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